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Energy Efficiency

Archistruct Pty Ltd can assess your building's energy efficiency. With ongoing and increasing emphasis the cost of energy, it is useful to know how your home performs. We can calculate your building's energy heat and cooling loads allowing you to reduce your energy usage while maintaining a comfortable home.

Current regulatory standards, Building Code of Australia, require new homes to achieve 6 stars or better for building compliance. We offer cost effective assessments of the building's performance, modelled by an accredited assessor using approved software (AccuRate Sustainability™) at a fixed price.

Energy Efficiency Assessments

Our team of professionals can provide expert advice which will improve your building's thermal performance and assist with your building's approval requirements.

Archistruct's professionals are registered to assess your building's compliance to NCC/BCA Volume 1 Section J & Volume 2 Part 3.12.

This advice can form part of your design brief or as a stand-alone service for approval purposes.

There are a variety of Studies and Simulations available:

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